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800 More Years!

The Magna Carta Canada tour is almost done. It’s a terrific achievement to have brought exemplars of Magna Carta and the Charter of the Forest to Canada, put together a compelling exhibit, and have taken it across the country to be seen by some 70,000 people.

Congratulations to everyone at Magna Carta Canada, and thanks to Durham Cathedral whose exemplars they were. But while the organizers take a well-deserved break, and maybe pour themselves one of those Windsor & Eton or Shepherd Neame commemorative beers, the rest of us should not rest.

Magna Carta needs to be kept alive in our hearts and our institutions, so that the story isn’t just an inspiring or quaint tale of how things were in the past, but an ongoing adventure that keeps our traditional liberties alive for future generations.

In 2115, in 2215 on the thousandth anniversary, and on through the centuries, let them remember that we remembered.

John Robson, maker of the 2015 documentary Magna Carta: Our Legacy of Liberty

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